Gestural Abstraction
  • Gestural Abstraction
    Body Painting published in MindGame Magazine Issue 1 
  • This look was created in five stages for MindGame Magazine’s where I am beauty editor for, and this look was specifically created for the beauty section in Issue 1 by myself and shot by Ryan Handy.
    Gestural Abstraction is about the art of make-up and not all about the technique I applied in this look. You can develop excellent manual skills to create sophisticated make-up designs. However, the magic of this look is cast by colour and vigorous application! You need to acquire a feel for colour to become a versatile make-up artist- a true master of colour and this is what I wanted demonstrate in Gestural Abstraction.
    The style I created is where I built the look up with liberally splashed paints onto the model in a random manner, and the beauty of seeing this look you can see how a true artist builds up to a desired look- ‘Gestural Abstraction’.

    Photographer: Ryan Handy
    Make-up, Hair & Nails: Karla Powell
    Model: Racheli Leni's Model Management
  • To see MindGame magazine's first issue with these images and how I created the look click onto

Gestural Abstraction body painting published in MindGame Magazine Issue 1
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